Unleash the Power of the 8oz Big Boy on your Unholiest Stains

Hey Spillers,

We're here to share some game-changing ways to make the most of your 8oz Big Boy Stain Remover bottle. This little powerhouse is not just your average stain remover—it's a versatile solution for those stubborn marks that love to stick around. So Freaking Unholy... We know...

1.Precision Treatment for Non-Washables: Sometimes, your favorite items can't take a trip to the washing machine. Fear not! Grab your 8 oz Big Boy and give a targeted spray to items like upholstered furniture, curtains, or even car interiors. Say goodbye to stains without the hassle of a full wash.

Example: A little spaghetti sauce on your favorite chair? No problem. Spray, blot, and repeat as necessary...watch the stain get damned to hell.

Note: Depending on the fabric, some can leave a water mark around it. Should that be the case, just grab a paper towel and maybe even a hair dryer to dry it quicker so it doesn't leave that stubborn unholy water mark. The key is quick dry so it doesn't show up. 

2. Spray and Wash Magic: Elevate your laundry game with the spray and wash method. Before tossing your clothes into the machine or even the trash, give those trouble spots a preemptive strike. This technique works wonders on tough stains like sweat marks, grass stains, and more.

Example: Pesky sweat stains on your gym gear? Hit them with the Big Boy before washing for a fresh, stain-free workout wardrobe.

Remember, letting the clothes marinate is key to murder that stain to hell. Always do a tester spot check as well. With the 8 oz Big Boy Stain Remover, tackling stains has never been easier. Get ready to transform your stain-fighting game and save your spicy wardrobe. 




Unleash the Power of the 8oz Big Boy on your Unholiest Stains
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