About Us

Unholy Water is Women founded, owned and operated. Proud to be a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated chemicals and cleaning products space.



Founder Kitty
Bay Area Native started her career in recruiting turned sales after college. Worked as a Managing Director for a Tech Company (Shocking) in SF. Currently going full unholy as well as dipping her toes in real estate investments.  
Spills a LOT of wine and proud of it. 


"Chief Stain Officer"
CSO Marley has thrown up many kibbles and treats throughout his years. He has dedicated his life to knocking down every single liquid filled cup, onto a perfectly white rug. Now most people with pets can relate: the stains they have endured by having pets can be very frustrating, but the love for them is FUREVER! No need to worry anymore as Unholy Water is your cure to damning all stains to hell. We are constantly testing new stains as they come, with one paw push at a time. 
UNHOLY WATER is for all spillers: pet owners, families with messy kids, families with messy spouses, (you), the list is endless. 
We are here to support all the sinners, I mean spillers to keep you looking clean. 
Let's damn all stains to hell and Bless this MESS! 
We are the necessity you never thought you needed & it's a sin to keep this a secret.
Help spread the word and keep on spilling. 
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